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The Birth of Alcamé

Frank Lipani, Jr., Founder of Alcamé, has over 30 years experience in the beauty / hair care industry. Frank is a certified color technician and has developed his own techniques in haircutting and advanced color. Throughout the years, he has taught advanced education classes, did platform work at major trade shows, and helped develop other hair care product lines.

After working for so many years in the beauty / hair care industry, Frank became disillusioned with the lack of technological advancements in product performance and quality. Many salon brands are more focused on growth, profits, glitz, and questionable product ingredient claims while ignoring the needs of the salon and spa profession. Manufacturers follow one another in a never-ending cycle, using the same concepts, ingredients, advertising, and education. So Frank decided to dedicate himself to developing an exclusive and unique healthy hair care line that would transform the spa and salon industry. And hence, Alcamé was born.

A World of Difference

Vision spawns a dream. Passion inspires the quest. Diversity offers selection. Nature bestows gifts. Innovation seeks answers. Technology offers solutions. Alcamé provides results. We have sourced the globe in search of the earth’s finest, rarest and most beneficial naturally derived ingredients to create the culturally-inspired Ethos Collections©, an evolution in specialized hair and scalp care formulations.

Alcamé is a pioneering brand developed for salons and spas of distinction. Artfully crafted formulations provide the quintessence of deep-rooted knowledge and scientific progress. Utilizing state-of-the-art research and development along with next-generation chemistry, we blend the finest grades of certified organic ingredients with scientifically advanced actives into innovative formulas to cleanse, nourish, preserve and protect the essential beauty and overall wellness of the hair and scalp.

Our philosophy of integrity echoes the spirit of those who led the way before us with innovations in product development, creative techniques and marketing strategies. Like them, Alcamé is inspired to bring enthusiasm and loyalty to this artful profession with a commitment to educating salon and spa professionals with truthful knowledge about product ingredients and their performance. Understanding the love of service that in our trade is an absolute must! Appreciating the freedom of self expression that our profession provides to us each day. To expertly command the tools that create the look. The development of inner vision one must possess to have an awareness of what’s next — the trends. Becoming skilled at providing clients with never relaxing care will ultimately grow the garden of success. Alcamé is with you all the way.

Discover Diversity

Somewhere in the world there’s a beautiful solution for every type of hair. And we’ve found it. Alcamé is proud to introduce the first culturally-inspired hair care line that transcends ethnicity.

Alcamé thinks global. It is our blueprint for sourcing many of the earth’s habitats and cultural communities. We continue to learn about the native understanding of the indigenous ingredients cultivated from that region and how they blend them into age-old remedies that have been practiced and passed on through generations.

Alcamé combines this home grown wisdom of indigenous ingredients with new-age science into results oriented formulations that reflect the needs of every diverse type of hair. That’s the true diversity that makes Alcamé — a product for all people.

With our global awareness, it is unfortunate to report that many of the planets ecosystems are being depleted and polluted at such a rate that many are in danger of being lost forever. With the loss of these natural environments will go the extinction of many irreplaceable plant and animal species, not to mention human habitats where people have lived for centuries in complete harmony with their surroundings. These indigenous people have willingly shared with modern society the wisdom of their ancient practices that one day may lead to the discovery of future cosmetic and medical breakthroughs.

Alcamé is committed to raising awareness to this problem and supporting agriculture and conservation programs along with the economic development of these troubled regions.