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Innovations in Hair Care

Tetra Protein Complex

Tetra Protein Complex is a powerful hair-strengthening blend designed to improve tensile strength and aid in withstanding the stresses of chemical processes (perms, hair color, relaxers) while protecting the hair from environmental abuse, and thermal styling tools.

This complex is composed of hydrolyzed vegetable proteins such as wheat, oat, rice, and corn. It contains low molecular weight compounds that penetrate the cortex to moisturize from within, and high molecular weight actives to lubricate and reinforce the cuticle.

Alcamé’s Tetra Protein Complex is used in most of our shampoo and conditioning products and several of our styling products.

Botanical Extracts

Alcamé infuses a blend of various indigenous botanicals specific to each collection’s regional inspiration and function. For example, in the Espana Collection, the main focus is on hydration, so we use botanicals that are found in the rainforests of South and Central America such as Brazil nut, passion flower, hibiscus and jaborandi – all known for their hydrating benefits.

Essential Amino Acids

Essential Amino Acids are chemical units that are commonly known as the body’s building blocks. The growth, restoration, and maintenance of all the body’s cells are dependent on amino acids. If obtained from our diets, these units are referred to as essential amino acids; whereas the amino acids naturally produced by the body are referred to as non-essential amino acids. Certain essential amino acids are found to control the thinning, thickening, and condition of hair, and are therefore present in many Alcamé products.

UV Inhibitors

Alcamé utilizes both sunflower seed cake extract and sea algae derived UV inhibitors to protect hair from UV radiation, free radicals, and photo-oxidation. It acts like a color stabilizer by neutralizing the oxidative radicals generated by daily UV exposure and by slowing down the oxidation of hair dyes. The result is more vibrant, longer-lasting color. Perfect protection for the beach, the mountains, or anywhere the sun shines.