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Alcame Hair Care Collections

Alcamé hair care products honor diversity: diversity of the world, its people, and their cultures. Each of our 8 professional collections have been thoughtfully and purposefully developed to address the specific needs of a given hair type, texture, thickness, length, or style.

The essence of each Alcamé collection has been inspired by and captures the unique culture and indigenous ingredients of the world’s most exciting regions to target a specific hair care need. Whether cleansing hair and scalp, treating parched, dry, damaged hair or in search of the perfect styling or finishing product. Alcamé offers the world — all in one product line.

An identifiable aroma category is assigned to each Alcamé collection, such as plant and flower essences, complex fruits, fresh green herbals, tropical blends, enlivened aromatics and spice blends, invigorating citrus and herbal mints along with a variety of our signature aromatherapy blends.

Nourishing fruit butters from Africa, soothing seaweed from the oceans, healing herbs from the rainforests, beneficial oils from Italy, vitamin enriched fruits from the Islands, lavender and grape seed from France, teas from Asia.

Nature’s offerings gathered from around the globe infused into our distinct formulations make it easy for specialized professionals to offer their clients — the best of all worlds.